how to become a millionaire

  • Be an executor, do more than just having ideas, do things 做一个执行者,不要光说不练
  • form a habit instead of taking actions, 养成习惯,不要一时冲动,必须把『执行力』作为一种习惯
  • accept the possibly of public humiliation that comes with giving yourself to the world 做好丢脸的准备
  • learn how to scale 学习如何『规模化』得增长
  • take time for what matter 把时间用在有意义的事情上
  • learn to question the rules 学习去质疑规则
  • chease after what inspire you, not after money 去追逐那些让你激动的意义,自我价值,而不是钱财